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TC-RTC Rules concerning the Challenges

The Upload And Edit Deadline

All uploading/editing of entries in your member area will end 14 full days before the Challenge ends. This corresponds to the period when only voting and commenting are allowed.

When will the next Challenge(s) be introduced?

At the start of the voting period. This will be shown on the front page at that time and announced by newsletter.

How Many Times Can I/We Enter?

As many times as you want! And yes, you can be in a partnership too!

Who Can Vote and Comment?

ALL members can vote and comment, whether they have entered a Challenge or not. However, please do so in an honest and sincere way, as we are sure you will. Your comment(s) just might make a difference to the artist.

Challenge 1 & 2. General rules:

Create a 3D image using your favourite rendering program and associated tools that will be your interpretation of the subject for the current round.

Again, as a member, you can create as many images as you want to enter, but we must stress that they must be different in concept/idea to your original version.

You may use any 3D rendering program(s) to make your images, and any associated programs such as 3D modellers and conversion/texture applications. Conversion programs like the free Irfanview to convert your image(s) to JPEG or PNG format if necessary, and texture applications like Photoshop to create your textures when using image-maps for UV-Mapping.

Post-processing using paint programs, image editors or similar programs to apply changes to your image AFTER YOUR FINAL rendering are only allowed in a restricted way (please remember, this IS a 3D Challenge).

Examples include:

o- You can add text information like > Name, Title, Your Website, Your Copyright etc., to Your image.

o- You can gamma-correct and adjust the contrast/brightness of your image.

o- You can add lens-flares.

And that's about it Cheppers. Please don't abuse this rule. IF your usage of such facilities are considered by us as 'overuse' of said methods whereby the original 3D rendered image is no longer recognised as a true 3D rendered image, then it will be deleted from the concerned Challenge and you will be asked via email to submit another one conforming to the rules.

Your image can be any width and height, as long as the file is under 1100 Kb. Any image over this limit will be automatically deleted. Also, it must be either a JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) file as no other format will be allowed into a Challenge.

Challenge 2. Particular rules:

When you upload your files for the Challenge 2 section, you will also have the option to upload a thumbnail image. The thumbnail image that you upload must be 140 x 140 pixels at 72dpi. By default, a thumbnail is made from the image itself.

What is allowed and what is not allowed?

Allowed: A nice, 'clean' image depicting the topic. *Mild* nudity will be allowed ONLY IF the image *really* conveys the topic. Any image submitted that leans in any other way at all will be removed.

NOT allowed: Any image where racial or religious hatred, porn, vulgarity, abuse, (whatever is deemed 'bad'), is submitted, will be deleted. Please note: The appropriate authorities WILL be informed if necessary.

Uploading your files:

When you go to the 'Upload Area', you will be presented with a 'browse' button to locate your contribution on your computer. In addition, you will be asked to complete the following information before saving:

1) 3D render program used;

2) Tools used;

3) Render time;

4) Hardware used;

5) An image description or a short story;

6) A description of how the image was created;

7) An agreement to the copyright rules;

Copyright: Our copyright notice applies to all entrants and all uploaded images. Click here to read.

Voting Rules:

All members of the TC-RTC are allowed (and warmly encouraged) to vote for the uploaded images during the voting period at the end of any Challenge. How the voting system works is explained at the FAQ page. Please note that the following rules apply for voting:

1) Votes must be completed for ALL the images of a Challenge. Incomplete votes will be discarded and not be taken into account in the final score;

2) Members participating in a Challenge are urgently adviced to vote for the images other than their own. If they do, 60 bonus points will be added to the total score attributed to their own image by other members. If they do not vote, their image will not receive those bonus points and thus fall back in the final ranking. This measure is necesssary to account for the bias that can occur to the final score and ranking if - for any reason - participating members fail to vote;

Kind regards,

The TC-RTC Team

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