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When you complete this line in your Image Description text file:
COPYRIGHT: I adhere to the present TC-RTC (Tina Chep-RayTracing Challenge) copyright
you are agreeing to the following statements:
The uploaded files are the original work of the entrant, who retains all copyright and ownership rights.
The entrant represents that, except for any public domain code or models, the entrant is the sole
creator of, and owns all rights to the submitted work.
These files may not be distributed for any purpose without express prior written
consent except in the following circumstances:
Entrant grants the TC-RTC the right to use any and all files in their submission
for promotion of the competition and activities related to the competition.
This allows the TC-RTC to use your files for its purposes only.
You are not asked to surrender your copyright to TC-RTC!
You are merely saying that you grant TC-RTC permission to use your files for these specific purposes.
You are also allowing private individuals to copy the files to their hard drive, look
at them, use them for windows wallpaper, show friends, etc.
You can, of course, give your permission personally to anyone you like to
do anything with the files ... they are yours!
Of course, if any further queries arise, click here to contact us.
Kind regards,
The TC-RTC Team

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