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TC-RTC - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Challenges Start and End Dates?

All new Challenges are announced two full weeks prior to the end of the running challenge. This effectively offers a two weeks period for rating and commenting on the uploaded images before the Challenge ends. During this period no uploads are allowed anymore. After this, the ratings are tabulated by us and the winners are shown on the home page.

All Challenges end using the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) convention. This does however present a minor problem for participants outside of this convention whereby the participant will either be some hours behind Europe, or some hours in front depending on where the participant is located in the world. If you are outside of this convention, then please submit your image earlier to make sure it is accepted.

A floating countdown timer at the top of your screen visually shows you the time remaining before the upload closure for a Challenge. If you click the close/cross, the countdown timer will disappear for the duration of the browser session that you are presently in. If you don't click the close/cross, the countdown timer will remain visible on every page that you visit on the TC-RTC site. Robert Hashemian ( ) is gratefully acknowledged.

What is the TC-RTC Forum?

The Forum is the place where you can exchange ideas with or get help from other members of the TC-RTC community.

How does the rating system work?

Rating, voting or scoring (call it what you will) is a tricky subject at best in the computer world. There is no authoritative way of voting in a way that is completely fair to all. One can only hope that what is in place will work and that everyone is happy with the way that it works. Presently, each TC-RTC member can attribute a score of maximum 60 points, where the following criteria apply: ARTISTIC (20 points), CONCEPT (20 points), and TECHNICAL (20 points).

Important: Ratings or votes are only valid when individual members have fully voted for ALL the images of a Challenge! If this is not the case, those incomplete votes will be discarded.

Image Owner Voting: Early on in the competition history, we had a problem when a 'image uploading' member voted on their own created images. Some would vote their images highly where some were harsh on themselves (some didn't want to vote at all). Therefore, at the moment, any member who votes on images do not vote on their own image; simply it is given the maximum; 60 points. Then, if all 'image uploading' members vote, they would negate each other. Also, this encourages the members to vote which we dearly want to happen.

What does the "Stills File Status" checkbox in the edit section of the Stills Upload Area for members mean?

This checkbox arrangement allows a member to remove his/her own image and update it with a new one, or, if you accidentaly uploaded the wrong image, you can delete it by selecting 'Suspend' and then uploading the correct image. You need then to select 'Make Live' for the image to replace the incorrect one. Please note that all comments and ratings will also be deleted along with the image when doing this, so make sure that you upload the right image in the first place! If however, you don't mind losing your scores and comments, then by all means, please continue.

Headers: New: Not used; Make Live: After upoading an image, make it 'live' on this website; Suspend: Suspend your image; Archive: Not used. Basically, a user would only use Suspend and Make Live.

Who selects the Challenge winners?

All TC-RTC members are entitled to vote and so select the Challenge winners.

The results will be posted on the TC-RTC homepage the day after a challenge ends. They will also be posted on your member homepage and your 'Image Library' page.

Who picks the Challenge topics?

All members have an advisory voice in choosing the next topic for a Challenge. From your member account, you can go to a page where you can vote for the topic that you would like to see for the next Challenge. However, the TC-RTC Team has the last say in the final choice.

How are participating members expected to interpret the topic?

The chosen book title or single word topic is the basis for an artistic interpretation, either literally or metaphorically. If known by the participating member, even the content of the book may be interpreted. The resulting 3D-rendered image must convey that interpretation.

You are not obliged to literally read the book and then convey the story in your image. You can if you want to, though. For example, if the next book title topic is "The Fortunate Youth", then you could depict a young boy or girl winning a teddy bear at a fair. It could be a young lad/lass catching the biggest fish of the day, whilst his/her father only has a tiddler. :o)

What is allowed, and what is not allowed?

Go to the TC-RTC Rules page here to read what is allowed or not.

Who is TINA CHeP?

After the sudden demise of the official Internet Ray-Tracing Competition (IRTC) site, several former IRTC participants from the POV-Ray community were keen to keep on organizing some kind of competition for ray-traced images. After some fierce discussions, the particulars about a new Challenge site decided upon, and the late Steve Paget proposed to run it, a proper name had to be found. Eventually, two POV-Ray enthusiasts, Thomas de Groot (aka ThomdeG) and Martin (aka Verm) suggested the topic "This Is Not A CHEckered Plane" - and so the beautiful TINA CHeP - who has appeared in a couple of Challenges - came to life.

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